5 Reasons to Clear Stumps on Your Property

5 Reasons to Clear Stumps on Your Property

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After you chop down a tree on your property, you might think about leaving the stump where it is. Maybe it’ll make a nice extra seat for guests, or your children will host tea parties around it. However, you may still need to remove it if:
  1. The tree you removed was diseased.
  2. The tree you removed was dead.
  3. The stump ruins your landscape’s aesthetic.
  4. The stump is low enough to the ground that it’s easy to trip over.
  5. The stump has started to attract insects.

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How does stump grinding work?

When we remove stumps, we do it through a process called stump grinding. We’ll go over your stump with a grinding machine until it’s flush with the ground. After we’re done, you can lay sod and plant new grass over the spot. It’ll look like a tree was never there!